International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights & Social Justice


The International Coalition for Arts, Human Rights & Social Justice was a network of aligned people and organisations who represent social and cultural movements, human rights organisations, artist collectives and associations, artist residencies, host cities and communities of conscience.

This was their website for a number of years.

Content is from the site's 2010 -2012 archived pages providing just a glimpse of what this site offered its visitors.

We seek to create an international  pluralistic, intersectoral network to exchange ideas and enhance capacity, and to achieve both joint and individual concrete actions within a common vision and strategy and according to common principles.  In keeping with these principles, we will raise awareness of the power of the Arts and Human Rights and Social Justice collaboration/cooperation; strengthen and develop existing projects committed to the Arts, Human Rights and Social Justice; and actively lobby for defined objectives and opportunities jointly or individually identified by coalition members.


Community Guidelines

To ensure that we can all use this site comfortably, we ask that all members follow these community guidelines:

  • Understand that this site is home to people of all ages from all over the world, with different cultures, values, language needs, and abilities. We all share a commitment to free expression and progressive social change, but we may not see eye-to-eye on many other topics. Let's focus on common ground and build solidarity around issues we can all agree on. Our diversity is our strength.
  • Be aware that foundations and other funders, government agencies, employers, and many others have access to the public parts of the site. This can help you decide how formally or informally you want to communicate and present yourself on the site.
  • When you post sensitive information, especially about others, be aware that the web is searchable and that parts of it are public and parts of it are private. Make sure that you take others' privacy concerns (as well as your own) into account when deciding what to post and where.
  • Be assertive about what you're here for and what you need, and speak up respectfully when you run into problems. For instance, when you post your artwork and photographs, avoid copyright conflicts by noting whether it's okay for others to use or re-post them elsewhere. When you make a group, explain in your group description what the group is for, and moderate it occasionally to make sure that it's being used in the way you intended. If someone does something you wish they hadn't, assume it was an honest mistake or misunderstanding before jumping to conclusions, and communicate with them to clarify your needs.



October 10
Deadline for EU Culture Programme consultancy feedback
October 10, 2010 at 6pm to December 15, 2010 at 5pm –

October 11

October 11, 2010 to December 31, 2010 – Ozoono

October 17

October 17, 2010 at 7pm to December 2, 2010 at 7pm – Damascus, Syria

October 28
ARTErra Artistic Residence Portugal

October 28, 2010 to October 31, 2013 – Tondela

November 6
KATRINA a solo art exhibition

November 6, 2010 at 6pm to December 6, 2010 at 7pm – LIC Art Center





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Open Call for ARTErra Artistic Residence in Portugal

  • Added by ARTErra-residências rurais artís

Time: February 21, 2011 at 6pm to December 31, 2014 at 7pm
Location: Tondela
Street: Rua Nossa Senhora do Crasto - Lobão da Beira
City/Town: Tondela - PORTUGAL
Event Type: open, call, for, artists
Organized By: ARTErra-residências rurais artís
Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2012

Open Call for ARTErra Artistic Residence in Portugal

ARTErra is structure is placed in Lobão da Beira, a village in PORTUGAL, near Tondela, district of Viseu is now open to receive projects from artist.

The application must contain the following elements:

- Curriculum Vitae;
- Portfolio, videos, photos , musics...;
- Description of the project to be undertaken at ARTERRA, including the project's objectives, needs and expectations of residence ,work methodologies,and all the details necessary to understand the proposal;
- Ideal dates and time for the residence;
- Complementary information (needs for meals, number of persons involved, technical requirements, work characteristics and other additional information relevant to the work process).

ARTErra is a private structure of incentive for artistic creation in a quiet and green small village, which aims to facilitate en­counters between different artists and aesthetic disciplines. ARTERRA is strongly committed to offering the residents a cheerful and productive stay. Because of that, part­nerships have been established with the Municipality of Tondela and Lobão da Beira for reception and possible presentations of performative works, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, etc.

We offer two distinct spaces: the house where the residents can do the meals, rest, meet each other. In the other space, the "creation yard", with different work places, ateliers, studio, blackbox, documentation center and peaceful gardens.


Coalition Partners

Trans Europe Halles
Arterial Network
Cultural Radius
Art Moves Africa / Mobility Hub Africa
Arts & Democracy Project
International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM)
Alternate Roots
Red Latinoamericana de Arte y Transformación Social
Breuninger Stiftung
Wasan Island
The Upgrade
Res Artis
Triangle Arts Trust
Arts Network Asia
Article 19
New Tactics in Human Rights, a project of The Center for Victims of Torture
International Cities of Refuge Network
First Peoples Fund
Freedom of Musical Expression (FREEMUSE)
Creative Resistance Fund
African Arts Institute
Young Arab Theatre Fund
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience



How to use this site

Why post on this site?

If you post on our site, you will:

  • be seen by at least 2000 visitors per month, about half of them new visitors;
  • be able to interact directly with the site's members - over 700 people and over 100 groupsinterested in sharing resources and information about art, community, and social justice;
  • potentially have your content linked to by fD in our monthly newsletter, which reaches over 6000 subscribers, among them quite a few funders in arts and culture.

What this site is for

freeDimensional is an international network connecting activists and art spaces, with partners all over the world. We built this online community to:

  • mirror our connections in the brick-and-mortar world and provide a clear model of how our decentralized network functions
  • provide public and private online spaces for direct, peer-to-peer communication, collaboration, and resource-sharing
  • provide a public web presence to groups and individuals who may not yet have their own websites
  • provide a space for activists and art spaces to learn together how to use technology sustainably, and to improve the ways we communicate about our projects and programs
  • build solidarity among activists, art spaces, and others who care about free expression and the power of culture to change society

What you can do here

This site can be used to meet other people and organizations; cultivate new relationships or strengthen existing ones; get the word about about programs, projects and advocacy campaigns; find volunteers, media partners and exhibition spaces; locate artist residencies; share knowledge and strategize about fundraising; sell art and collect donations - and many other things we haven't even thought of yet. We have employed the voluntary services of developers to create a large database of programs, individuals, services, media partners, etc., and have recently used the services of an architect for DevOps to create and test the software available for use by our members to access the database and to connect needs with solutions. This site was built to meet the needs of the people and groups in the network, and it will continue to grow and evolve as we all figure out new ways to use it.

Here are just a few things you can do right here, right now, on this site:

  • Customize your profile page - click the edit buttons and the "settings" and "my photo" links to see what you can do. You can add photos, slideshows, videos, and other things you want to share to your profile's text box. To ensure that your presence on the site meets your needs, tell people why you're on the site, and how you'd like to engage with the community.
  • Create a group to promote your organization, project, or advocacy campaign | Find groups to join
  • Post a question or request for help | Share your knowledge and give advice
  • Post an event to our international calendar | Find and RSVP for events
  • Post an action alert | Take action on others' action alerts
  • Post an opportunity (artist residency opening, call for entries, etc.) | Find out about other opportunities
  • Get to know other network members
  • Read news and updates from other members | Post your own updates
  • Share a video | Share a photo

We are the network

This site is packed with activists and art spaces that need volunteers, outreach assistance, and other help - and who often have a lot to offer, too! Explore the site and engage with others here - we can all help each other do our work more effectively.

Please feel free to share constructive feedback, tips and ideas with other members of the site. If you see a connection that can be made, a group page that needs some work, a blog post that can be enhanced by commenting and providing supplementary links, please go ahead and do it! If you want to get even more involved in the development of the network,

Be sure to tell us about your success stories - and let us know if you run into questions or technical problems you need help with. Our staff and volunteers are here for you.